GCOS SST&SI Working Group





This is the sea ice website of the GCOS ( OOPC/ AOPC) Working Group on SST and Sea Ice. These pages are intended to facilitate the exchange of sea ice observations as well as to hold documents for the sea ice subgroup.

Brief background (from OOPC website)

The Terms of Reference for this group are to record and evaluate the differences among historical and near-real-time SST and SST/SI analyses; identify the sources of differences in the analyses; on the basis of comparison of those differences with the expected climate signals in the SST patterns, recommend actions needed to ensure the quality and consistency of the SST and SST/SI analyses; establish criteria to be satisfied by SST and SST/SI analyses to ensure the quality and consistency required by GCOS; and report annually to AOPC and OOPC on progress and recommendations.
The sea ice subgroup held its inaugural meeting on March 26, 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. Please see documents for additional background.