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DMI is an institute under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building

The Centre for Ocean and Ice is DMI's department for marine information and  consultancy. Our main activities are storm surge warning, ice charting, waves, ocean currents, ocean monitoring by satellite, the climate of the ocean and marine data. The Centre is headed by Peter Skovgaard Rasch.

We are more than 20 scientific employees being oceanographers, climatologists, meteorologists and geographers. The Centre manages the Ice Patrol, Narsarsuaq, Greenland. The Ice Patrol is manned by navigators experienced in navigation in icy waters. Two navigators are also part of the daily ice charting in Copenhagen.

In order to find e-mail address and direct telephone numbers of an employee, please use the page Staff and click on the photo of the employee in question.

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Centre for Ocean and Ice
Lyngbyvej 100
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Phone:  +45 39 15 72 29
Fax:  +45 39 15 73 00

Director Peter Skovgaard Rasch
Tlf. +45 39 15 72 10

Ice Patrol Narsarsuaq
P.O. Box 505
3923 Narsarsuaq

Phone:  +299 665 244
Fax:  +299 665 344
Iridium Phone:  +8816 3142 0563

Danish Meteorological Institute
Lyngbyvej 100
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Phone:  +45 39 15 75 00
Fax:  +45 39 27 10 80
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