North Atlantic - Arctic Ocean model
Dansk version
The 3D ocean model HYCOM and the sea-ice model CICE is developed at the University of Miami and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The models are fully coupled at each time step. Output are the surface variables sea level and ice conditions (concentration, thickness, velocity, convergense, strength, etc.) and 3-dimensional maps of current, temperature and salinity at sigma levels.

Model set-up
The DMI HYCOM-CICE set-up covers the Atlantic, north of about 20°S and the Arctic Ocean, with a horizontal resolution of about 10 km. Model forcing is ECMWF weather forecasts. A 144 hour forecast is produces twice daily, at 00 and 12 UTC.

Model area Atlantic/Arctic
Horisontal resolution ~10 km
Time step:

15 sec
180 sec
Atmospheric forcing ECMWF
Tidal forcing 8 constituents
Data assimilation Sea surface temperature
Sea-ice concentration
Boundary conditions Levitus climatology
Altrimetry climatology

Further reading:
Madsen, K.S., Rasmussen, T.A.S., Ribergaard, M.H., and Ringgaard, I.M., 2015. High resolution sea ice modelling and validation of the Arctic with focus on south Greenland waters, 2004-2013. Polarforschung, 85 (2), 101-105, doi:10.2312/polfor.2016.006.

> Mads Hvid Ribergaard - October 13th 2016