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Jacob L. Høyer

Jacob L. Høyer

Ph.D., Centre for Ocean and Ice
Danish Meteorological Institute
Lyngbyvej 100
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: +45 39 15 72 03 
Fax: +45 39 27 06 84

Research Interests 
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Research Interests

Main research interests include the use of satellite observations in combination with in situ observations or hydrodynamic models, to study physical oceanographic processes. The physical processes include detection of Greenland-Scotland ridge overflow, North Atlantic mixed layer deepening and sea level in the North Sea. Currently, I am working to validate satellite SST data and on a high resolution multiplatform 3-D Optimal Interpolation (OI) product. Observational network assessment and design is the topic of on-going research.  


Physical Oceanography.

Feb 1999 Cand. Scient. in Physical Oceanography, University of Copenhagen, Department of Geophysics, Denmark.

June 2002 Ph.D. in physical oceanography, University of Copenhagen, Department of Geophysics, Denmark.

Work experience

May-Dec 2002 Research faculty at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Geophysics, Denmark.

Dec 2002-present Research Scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute

Other relevant information

Jan 1998 Awarded the Samuel Friedmans travel grant.
Jan-Mar 1998 Study visit at Oregon State University, USA.
July-Dec 1999 Study visit at Oregon State University, USA.
Aug 1999 Participation in summer school: "Advanced Remote Sensing", Cornell University, USA
Aug-Sep 2000 Participation in R/V Poseidon scientific cruise 264 around the Faroe Islands.
Aug-Dec 2000 Teaching assistent in the course: Mathematics A, held by Janus Staun Olsen at the Ørsted Laboratory.
Fall 2001 Paticipation in Dansk Magisterforenings Efteruddannelseskursus: "Academic English"


Peer Reviewed
Other scientific publications

Peer reviewed publications

Høyer, J. L. and Andersen, O. B. and Knudsen, P., Detection of subsurface processes with ERS 1+2 altimeters, ERS-Envisat Symposium: "Looking down to earth in the New Millenium", SP-461, ESA publications division, 2000.

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Other scientific publications

Høyer, J. L., Detection of oceanic signals in the TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter data, M.Sc. thesis, University of Copenhagen, Feb. 1999.

Høyer, J. L. , On the Combination of satellite and in situ observations to detect oceanic processes, Ph.D. thesis, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, April 2002.

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