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Rasmus Tage Tonboe
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 Rasmus Tage Tonboe
 Afdeling: COI
 Telefon: +45 39 15 73 49
 Stilling: Ph.D.

CV 2013

Rasmus Tage Tonboe
Peder Hesselsvej 48
2880 Bagsværd

Born, date: 10/05/1972 in Copenhagen, Danish citizen.
Married with Pauliina, children: Emil, Iris, Rosa, Julius.

High school:
Støvring Gymnasium, 1988-1992 (J.W. North High School, USA, 1989-1990)

University education:
M.Sc. in geology, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1992-1997 (University of Manchester, England, Autumn 1996). M.Sc. thesis: Radar mapping of Raabjerg Mile. 1997. Supervisor: K. R. Rasmussen.

Ph.D. in geophysics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000-2004 (IFREMER, France, Autumn 2001). PhD thesis: Remote sensing of the sea ice around Greenland using multiple microwave sensors, 2003. Supervisor: C. C. Tscherning, co-supervisors: L. Toudal Pedersen and R. S. Gill.

Since 1997 with the Ice and Remote Sensing Division, the Danish Meteorological Institute (interrupted by Ph.D. studies 2000-2004). From 2006 with Center for Ocean and Ice, Danish Meteorological Institute.

Area of Research:
Sea ice microwave emission and scattering: 1) theoretical understanding and modelling of sea ice microwave emission and scattering processes, 2) understanding and modelling of sea ice metamorphosis, growth and decay and its impact on microwave signatures, and 3) using satellite microwave data for sea ice type, concentration and morphology estimation.

Several recent projects have focussed on the modelling of sea ice microwave signatures and the estimation of uncertainties in remote sensing measurements: Simulation of the sea ice thickness uncertainty using radar altimeters such as CryoSat in the EU projects GreenIce and Damocles. In addition to the well known uncertainties due to radar penetration and floe buoyancy the uncertainty due to preferential sampling was described and quantified. Preferential sampling is a bias in the surface height measurement due to the non-linear range of backscatter coefficients originating from different ice thickness categories i.e. ridges, refrozen melt-ponds and hummocks within the radar footprint. These simulations are described in Tonboe et al. (2006a, 2006b, 2010).

Development of both a high resolution thermodynamic model and an emission model for snow and sea ice in the EU projects GreenICE, IOMASA, and Damocles. The output from the thermodynamic model was used as input to the emission model. These simulations gave realistic radiometric signatures for sea ice and provide both microphysical snow and sea ice parameters and microwave brightness temperatures and emissivity. These simulations are described in Tonboe (2010), Tonboe et al. (2011), and Heygster et al. (2012).

The simulation results were used for developing an operational near 50 GHz sea ice emissivity model to be used for atmospheric sounding applications over sea ice. The model is implemented operationally in the EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice SAF and described in Tonboe et al. (2013).

Simulation of the L-band brightness temperatures, effective temperatures and emissivity from new-ice, first-year ice and multiyear ice as a function of physical sea ice parameters such as temperature, salinity, thickness, snow cover etc. in the ESA SMOSICE 1+2 projects. The emission model, a sea ice version of MEMLS, was forced by physical input from a high resolution thermodynamic model. Using the simulations it was possible to constrain the variables used in more simple emission models to ease the inversion and to estimate uncertainties. The projects have demonstrated that it is possible to derive the thickness of thin ice using L-band radiometry e.g. SMOS (Kaleschke et al., 2009).

Both the ongoing ESA climate change initiative on sea ice and the EUMETSAT Ocean and sea ice SAF projects are working towards an improved sea ice concentration estimate using microwave radiometer data. These data now including uncertainties. My role in these projects have been diverse from simulation of test data to the implementation of operational algorithms.The work has among other things resulted in the EUMETSAT sea ice climate record, a 30 year global sea ice climatology, including temporally and spatially varying uncertainty estimates (Tonboe et al. in preparation).

Resent and ongoing projects:
Convection (2000-2003) - EU 5th FP project lead by Peter Wadhams
  • New-ice classification technique using satellite radiometer and scatterometer
GreenIce (2002-2006) - EU 5th FP project lead by Peter Wadhams (
  • SAR and scatterometer analysis and classification
  • Radar altimeter sea ice signature modelling. Basic model code in octave (gnu-matlab).
  • Thermodynamic modelling of sea ice microphysical properties. pdf-report
IOMASA (2002-2005) - EU 5th FP project lead by Georg Heygster (
  • Radiometer, scatterometer and SAR sea ice signature analysis during warm air outbreaks in the Arctic winter
  • Sea ice emission modelling using a sea ice verion of MEMLS
DAMOCLES (2005-2010) - EU 6th FP project lead by Jean-Claude Gascard (
  • Sea ice emission modelling using a sea ice verion of MEMLS (continued from IOMASA).
  • Coupled thermodynamic and emission modelling to simulate the seasonal variability
  • Initiation and definition of the snow and ice measurement programme on Tara's transarctic drift 2006-2008. pdf-report
OSI SAF - EUMETSAT project, ongoing
  • Sea ice emissivity, temperature and concentration

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