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YEOS is an EU FP6 Specific Supported Action, which aims at technical transfer and international cooperation with developing countries, as a part of EU contribution to GEOSS.

The goal of YEOS is to strengthen the GEOSS cooperation between EU and other key GEOSS players, by demonstrating benefits and building up confidence through a solid cooperation in national level (i.e., EU States-China-South Korea) and regional level (i.e., BOOS - Yellow Sea OOS).

The forecasting and information system will be demonstrated during Olympic Game 2008, to provide weather and marine environment forecast information for the Yellow Sea area.

YEOS was officially launched 1st April 2007, with a duration of 30 months.

YEOS Products
NOTE: last update July 14th, 2014.
Yellow Sea weather
     Weather animations

Yellow Sea ocean conditions
      Forecast animations




Danish Meteorological Institute

China-Korea Joint Ocean Research Center

First Institute of Oceanography

GKSS Research Center

Institute of Atmospheric Physics

Korean Ocean Research & Development Institute

North China sea Branch, SOA

Ocean University of China
YEOS  -  YEllow Sea Observation, forecasting and information System