About DMI ocean forecast data

We display the most recent ocean forecast, produced by the DMI wave model WAM and 3D ocean models HBM and HYCOM. Weather data, produced by the DMI nwp model, Harmonie, is restricted to surface wind over sea.

We present hourly maps, 5 days ahead. The page is updated twice a day.

The plot title indicates the UTC time at which that plot is valid. UTC time is danish local time minus 1 hour (winter), or minus 2 hours (summer).

The data

3D ocean model parameters

Temperature in the surface layer °C
Salinity in the surface layer PSU
Current in the surface layer knots
Drift current (combined effect of current and wind) knots
Ice thickness (if ice is present) m
Sea level m

The top layer thickness depends on the domain selected.

Wave model parameters

Significant wave height and direction m
Swell height and direction m
Dominant wave period sec
Swell period sec

Weather model parameters

Wind speed and direction m/sec

Geographical domains

Comments and suggestions

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